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The Constitution Class is Starfleet's most famous class of vessel. They were a common sight in the later half of the 23rd century. During their time, they were the most advanced ships in the fleet. They had 14 science labs and could attain a maximum speed of about warp 6 (warp 8 on the pre-TNG scale). These ships could have a crew of up to 430. A typical mission for this class of vessel would last 5 years. They would undergo an overhaul every 18 years.


In 2273, this class of ship underwent a major upgrade of all systems. The ship's overall look was changed as well. After this upgrade, crew capicity was increased to 500 people, recreation facilities were greatly expanded, and the engines and phasers were made more effecent. The launch of the first ship with these upgrades (the Enterprise) was rushed and as a result, a few design flaws were discovered. One of those was that the phasers would go offline when the warp engines went offline. Once the Enterprise returned back to spacedock, the flaw was corrected.

Image:Constitution DS9 Era.jpg

By the 24th century, Constitution class ships were pretty much out of service. There is a Constitutional class variant that is still in service but it is a rare sight. Much smaller then the ones of the 23rd century, it only supports a crew of 115. However, this variant is much faster and can attain a speed of warp 9.75.

Ships that belong/belonged to this class

USS Anchorage NCC-1098

USS Agamemnon NCC-1740

USS Ajax NCC-1078

USS Amsterdam NCC-1011

USS Apollo NCC-1725

USS Atlantis NCC-1798

USS Buckingham NCC-1372

USS Cochrane NCC-1773

USS Constantinople NCC-1718

USS Constellation NCC-1017

USS Constitution NCC-1700

USS Constitution NCC-1700-A

USS Daystrom NCC-1705

USS Defiant NCC-1764

USS Eagle NCC-956

USS Emden NCC-1856

USS Endeavor NCC-1895

USS Enterprise NCC-1701

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A

USS Excalibur NCC-1664

USS Exeter NCC-1672

USS Essex NCC-1697

USS Farragut NCC-1647

USS Federation NCC-1704

USS Furious NCC-1704

USS Gagarin NCC-1706

USS Galaxy NCC-1352

USS Helin NCC-1692

USS Hera NCC-1077

USS Hood NCC-1703

USS Icarus NCC-1780

USS Intrepid NCC-1831

USS John Muir NCC-1732

USS Kongo NCC-1710

USS Korolev NCC-2014

USS Lexington NCC-1709

USS Liberty NCC-1702

USS London NCC-1714

USS Mandela NCC-1793

USS Musashi NCC-1804

USS New Orleans NCC-1719

USS Nomad NCC-1742

USS Pacific NCC-1095

USS Pioneer NCC-1723

USS Potemkin NCC-1657

USS Prospector NCC-1721

USS Republic NCC-1371

USS Retainer NCC-1634

USS Scovil NCC-1598

USS Shield NCC-1786

USS Swift NCC-953

USS Sydney NCC-1015

USS Trident NCC-1817

USS Trojan NCC-4200

USS Venture NCC-1720

USS Visionary NCC-1609

USS Wellington NCC-1754

USS Yorktown NCC-1717

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