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A Rant About Guest

Once again, I find disappointment. Once again, I find no satisfaction. Once again, I find that anyone who questions Guest's warped view of the world is a threat to their tottering sense of reality. Before I say anything else, let me remind Guest that they insists that all it takes to solve our social woes are shotgun marriages, heavy-handed divorce laws, and a return to some mythical 1950s Shangri-la. How can they be so blind? Very easily. Basically, the gloss that Guest's expositors put on Guest's nostrums unfortunately does little to strengthen our roots so we can weather the storms that threaten our foundation. Rhetoric aside, their provocateurs have learned their scripts well and the rhetoric comes gushing forth with little provocation.

Even when the facts don't fit, Guest sometimes tries to use them anyway. they still maintains, for instance, that they defends the real needs of the working class. they managed to convince a bunch of cold-blooded dolts to help their make widespread accusations and insinuations without having the facts to back them up. What was the quid pro quo there? My best guess, for what it may be worth, is based on two key observations. The first observation is that inequality does not beget equality. The second, more telling, observation is that of all of Guest's exaggerations and incorrect comparisons, one in particular stands out: "Arriving at a true state of comprehension is too difficult and/or time-consuming." I don't know where they came up with this, but their statement is dead wrong.

This much is clear: Guest will probably throw another hissy fit if we don't let their seek temporary tactical alliances with malicious, passive-aggressive misanthropes in order to blame our societal problems on handy scapegoats. At least putting up with another Guest hissy fit is easier than convincing Guest's spokesmen that another point worth thinking about is that Guest's terrorist organization is a wretched hive of scum and villainy, so to speak. they has lost contact with reality, the point being that I have often maintained that reasonable people can reasonably disagree. Unfortunately, when dealing with Guest and their hired goons, who are legion, that claim assumes facts not in evidence. So let me claim instead that I clearly have a hard time trying to reason with people who remain calm when they see Guest use every conceivable form of diplomacy, deception, pressure, coercion, bribery, treason, and terror to use Maoism as a more destructive form of fascism.

The greatest quote I ever heard goes something like this: "Guest's wheelings and dealings are way off base." I can't, for the life of me, see why Guest wants to make a fetish of the virtues of parasitic solipsism. That said, let me continue. Plan to join their camp? Be sure to check your conscience at the door. Now, why all this fuss about a few evil ethics? Simply put, it's because after hearing about their materialistic attempts to damn this nation and this world to Hell, I was saddened. I was saddened that they has lowered theirself to this level.

Guest's distasteful attempt to construct a creative response to my previous letter was absolutely pitiful. Really, Guest, stringing togettheir a bunch of solecistic insults and seemingly random babble is hardly effective. It simply proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that if they thinks that merit is adequately measured by their methods and qualifications, then they's sadly mistaken. I cannot promise not to be angry at their. I do promise, however, to try to keep my anger under control, to keep it from leading me -- as it leads Guest -- to waste our time and money. For those of us who make our living trying to win the culture war and save this country, it is important to consider that Guest attributes the most distorted, bizarre, and ludicrous "meanings" to ordinary personality charcteristics. For example, if you're shy, they calls you "fearful and withdrawn". If, instead, you're the outgoing and active type, Guest says you're "acting out due to trauma". Why does they say such things? The complete answer to that question is a long, sad story. I've answered parts of that question in several of my previous letters, and I'll answer ottheir parts in future ones. For now, I'll just say that it's honestly a tragedy that their goal in life is apparently to destroy our sense of safety in the places we ordinarily imagine we can flee to. theire, I use the word "tragedy" as the philosoptheir Whitehead used it. Whitehead stated that "the essence of dramatic tragedy is not unhappiness. It resides in the solemnity of the remorseless working of things," which I interpret as saying that if Guest wants to canonize the worst kinds of noxious bullies I've ever seen as nomological emblems of propriety, let their wear the opprobrium of that decision. I'm inclined to think that the poisonous wine of authoritarianism had been distilled long before Guest entered the scene. Guest is merely the agent decanting the poisonous fluid from its bottle into the jug that is world humanity. This letter has gone on far too long, in my opinion, and probably yours as well. So let me end it by saying merely that I find Guest cacoŽthes loquendi most irritating.
It's a complaint generator!
Don't take this too hard, Guest. I didn't mean a word of it.
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