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Omega13a's Corner - Google Searches - October 13th, 2006
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Google Searches This Site Shows Up In

    If you haven't noticed, this website has a lot of words on it.   As a result, we show up in some very odd searches on various search engines such as Google.   The following are searches this site has actualy showed up in.  I got these from reviewing this site's hit log.  Enjoy!

    If you want to see a complete list of all the searches this site shows up it, click here.

October 13th, 2006

"sci-fi baby names"

I can see the poor kid being teased now for having some alien name like K'dgdwe or Aerft...

alyx naked pictures


athazagoraphobia website awards

I didn't that such an award even existed...

bastila hentai

I wish these sick perverts would just die...

bastila nude

That search is now like the 3rd most common search that turns up this website. Disturbing...

cows falling down drunk

Say what?

drawf planets

One small typo on this site has made it one of the leading sources for drawf planets (what ever they are ;) ).

ensign hoshi sato nude

Just what I need, another porn search to turn up this site...

fear "nude patch"

I do fear it.

how to hack a website

Hopefully they weren't planning on hacking this site...

i want to satify a fantasy where i can be a baby again

To quote my friend Matt of Sonic Vegemite, "That's disturbing."

mercury distance from sun diamete rotation revolution composition satelites inclination rings eccentricity symbol

Boy, someone realy wants to know everything about the planet Mercury.

sonic nude

Sonic is already naked...

star trek porn

Sick people...


Someone was actualy bored enough to search the internet for a letter of the alphabet???

the newest egyptian films

Go to some movie site for that info.

where to buy vegemite in maryland

This is fan site, not a store locator.

world wide farms buy a cow

Now, that's big news.


If you were looking for that site, why didn't you put it in the address bar?

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