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Omega13a's Corner - Dumb Questions
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Dumb and Funny Questions Asked At Parks And Tourist Places

These are all questions that were supposedly asked by people at various parks and other tourist places.

California Caverns

  • Is there a creature living there that likes to say "Preciousss"? (asked by a man after finding out there was a lake at the deepest explored part of the cave with a boat in it.)

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

  • Does it ever rain in here?
  • How many ping-pong balls would it take to fill this up?
  • How much of the cave is underground?
  • So what's in the unexplored part of the cave?
  • So what is this -- just a hole in the ground?

Denali National Park

  • Can you show me where the yeti lives?
  • How much does Mount McKinley weigh?
  • How often do you mow the tundra?
  • What time do you feed the bears?

Everglades National Park

  • Are the alligators real?
  • Are the baby alligators for sale?
  • What time does the two o'clock bus leave?
  • Where are all the rides?

Grand Canyon National Park

  • Do you light it up at night?
  • I bought tickets for the elevator to the bottom -- where is it?
  • Is the mule train air conditioned?
  • So where are the faces of the presidents?
  • Was this man-made?

Mesa Verde National Park

  • Did people build this, or did Indians?
  • Do you know of any undiscovered ruins?
  • Why did the Indians decide to live in Colorado?
  • Why did they build the ruins so close to the road?

Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada

  • What time do the bears show up?
  • What time do y'all turn on the Northern Lights?
  • Where do you look to see the northern Lights? (a local person respounded by pointing up)
  • Where is the Signpost forest? (heard while tourist was standing UNDER the giant "Welcome to the Signpost Forest" sign)

Yellowstone National Park

  • Does Old Faithful erupt at night?
  • How do you turn it (Old Faithful) on?
  • We had no trouble finding the park entrances, but where are the exits?
  • When does the guy who turns it (Old Faithful) on get to sleep?

Yosemite National Park

  • What time do you turn on Yosemite Falls?
  • Where are the cages for the animals?
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