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About This Site

    I started this site back in 2000 as a small Star Trek site.  It was orginaly called Trek Archive. It was very small and didn't contain much info.  In late 2002, I decided to start adding more info to the site.  That's when I discovered there was like 4 other sites that where also called Trek Archive.  I didn't want anyone to confuse this site with some other site so I changed the name to one similar to a large and possibly the oldest Star Trek webring that I recently aquired threw webring.com's ring adobtion program.  That is why in my site's copyright statement it says ©2000, 2001, 2002 Trek Archive, 2003, 2004 United Federation of Trek.

Current Staff

Name Possition Contact Info
Omega13a Site Owner and Founder, Content Provider, Public Relations, Site Coder Email:
AIM: omega13b
MSN: omega13a@fedtrek.com
Yahoo: omega13a
Lady Lursa Book Reviewer Email:
AIM: MajorKira04

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are You Hireing?

    Of course!  There's so much info about Star Trek that one person can't possibly put it up by themself.  I am always looking for people who could provide content for this site.  If you think you can contribute something to this site, send me an email at .

Where did you get the screen name of Omega13a?

    For the record, I did not get the name omega13a from Galaxy Quest.  I've had the screen name omega13a since before Galaxy Quest was made.  I got the name omega13a by combining a word I though sounded cool (omega) with my lucky number (13). Unfortinatly the name omega13 was taken by someone so I added an a to the end.

What did you use to make this site?

    The programing languages I used is PHP, XHTML, CSS, and Javascript.  The actual programs I used are HTML-Kit, Adobe Photoshop, and Irfan View.

How many days old is this site?

Well, I believe I started this website on Jan. 13, 2000 so that will make this website about 7,512 days old.

Can I have the content magement system you use for this site?

    Well, the site is based on PHPNuke. You can download it at www.phpnuke.org.

Can I buy this site off of you?

    This site is not for sale.

What if I give you a $1,000,000 for it?

    What does not for sale tell you?

Can my site merge with yours?

    Word of advice, don't ask.  The conditions I make you may not like so don't bother asking.

I don't like your site!!!

    Then don't come to this site.

Why doesn't this site have Sonic the Hedgehog on it?

    I am sick of people asking me that question (seriosly, I get this question alot).  Just because some of this site's affiliates are Sonic the Hedgehog websites doesn't mean this site is about Sonic the Hedgehog.  It is about Star Trek.  You will never find any info on Sonic the Hedgehog on this site.  Go to some other website for that.

What is your real name?

    I won't tell you my full name but my first name is Brandon.

Can I use the info on your site on mine?

    Go look at the copyright page.

Where can I download Star Trek episodes and movies?

    Not here.  You will never, ever find that kind of stuff on this site.  I do not want any content on this site that will get me into trouble with the law.

What is your privacy policy?

    I have your IP address.  If you send me an email, I'll have your email address too and possibly your name.  I wont give that info out to anyone except for a goverment agency like the FBI if they ask.  I will not sell any info about you to any spammers. I hate spammers as that my email accounts are always flooded with spam.  If I catch any of the staff here breaking our privacy policy, I will fire them on the spot.

Can I call you by some silly nick name like omegie my eggie?

    Depends on what mood I am in.

Why don't you have a section on Star Wars?

    This is a Star Trek site not a general science fiction site.

Can I submit some X-Rate material to your site like porn and hentai?

    Go to the underworld.  I want to keep this site as family friendly as possible.  I will be dead before I see adult material on this site.

You should right more fan fics.

    Creative writing is not one of my best subjects.  I always get writers block and my fan fics suck.

Someone has stole stuff from your site!!!

    Please post about it on this site's message board which is at http://fedtrek.ultimate-results.net/modules.php?name=Forums.

Is it V'ger or Vejur?

    If you are refering to the thing in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, its V'ger.  Why people spell it Vejur is beyond me because you can clearly see it's name spelled out near the end of the movie.

What is Spock's other name?

    I have no idea.

Star Trek sucks!!!

    Then why are you here?

I like you.

    Thanks.  I like you too.

I don't like you.

    Fine.  I don't like you either.

Why are you so wierd?

    Because I am weird.

Do you know that most of the events on that timeline you made never happened or will never happen?

    Yes.  Anyone who thinks they did or will happen needs their head examined.

You need more content.


Why don't you do your own Star Trek news instead of using that thing from Trek today?

    First, I don't have time to.  Second, I don't know where to get info like that. Third, this is my site and I decide what is on it. Not you.

What is Sev Trek?

    Sev Trek is an online comic that is a parody of Star Trek that I like (most of the time).

Can you help me on my site?

    No.  I work at enough sites as is.

Page by omega13a

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